For shoppers

Q:  How do I pay for an item?
You can pay via Stripe, Paypal or major credit cards.

Q:  What happens if an item doesn’t show up?
You can find information about the status of your order on the dashboard.  If this doesn’t answer your query, please contact the seller in the first instance. 

Q:  Is it safe to purchase online during COVID?
Yes, it is safe to shop online during COVID.  For official information about coronavirus news, see the Australian Government COVID-19 site.

For sellers

Q:  Do I need to have an ABN or have a business to sell items?
No, you don’t need to be a professional seller to sell items on The Joyful Fashionista.

Q:  How do I list an item?
First create an account. Then register an account in ‘My Store’.  Register as a vendor and follow the prompts. You will need to verify your account via the email you use when registering.

Q:  How to I customize my store?
Go to Account –> Go to Vendor Dashboard -> Settings.  You can upload a banner (625×300 pixels), add a profile picture and write a really cool biography about yourself.

Q:  Can I list second hand clothes
Absolutely. The Joyful Fashionista champions second-hand good. Please ensure that all clothes have been washed, including if appropriate dry cleaned (e.g. wedding or formal dresses).  Please ensure that all items are in good condition, and be honest about any imperfections that there may be (e.g. damage in vintage clothing items).

Q:  How much will I get paid for items I sell?
You will receive the purchase price minus 10%. 

Q: How much can I charge for shipping?
We suggest using Australia Post for shipping. You can find details of Australia’s Post’s pricing here.

Q:  How do I get paid for my sales?
Request a refund through your Vendor Dashboard (Account –> Vendor Dashboard -> Withdraw).  Please note that you will need a minimum of $5 in your account to withdraw funds. Funds will be transferred to you via PayPal once the withdraw request has been approved.

Q:  Can I sell items of new clothing?
The Joyful Fashionista champions sustainable fashion.  You are welcome to list items that are from new sustainable fashion labels, or new items still with tags that have been purchased but have not been worn.


Q:  How do I log out?
Go to Account (on the top menu). You will see an option to log out below.

Q:  How do I delete my account?
Please send us an email at joyfulfashionista[at] and we will delete your account.

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